Your Hometown Full-Service
Retail Pharmacy

Tipton Pharmacy in Franklin, North Carolina is now a full-service
retail pharmacy. See our many services below.

tipton pharmacy franklin nc full-service retail pharmacy

Full-Service Retail Pharmacy

Tipton Pharmacy, on Main Street in Downtown Franklin, now accepts ALL prescriptions. As your hometown full-service retail pharmacy, we offer friendly service and competitive prices. Utilize our convenient drive-thru or come inside with easy access to our Main Street location.

tipton pharmacy all major insurance accepted

Accepting All Major Types of Insurance

Tipton Pharmacy now accepts all major types of insurance for your prescription needs.

At Tipton Pharmacy, you'll find competitive prices and exceptional service whether in our store or at the convenient drive-thru.

compounding pharmacy franklin nc

Specialty Compounding

Tipton Pharmacy can work with your physician to create custom medications and dosage forms. We follow all state and federal guidelines and utilize state-of-the-art laboratories, cutting edge technologies and innovative bases for creative dosage forms for each custom prescription.

charlotte's web cbd authorized dealer franklin nc

Charlotte's Web Authorized Distributor

Tipton Pharmacy in Franklin, NC is an authorized distributor of Charlotte's Web CBD products by Stanley Brothers. This CBD product line has earned the reputation as one of the best products in the marketplace.

Compounding PHarmacy Services

Tipton Pharmacy in Franklin, North Carolina
will work with your physician to provide
custom medications and dosage forms

mens womens hormone replacement therapy HRT

Hormone Therapy

When it comes to hormone therapy, one size doesn’t fit all. Compounding can help find the right balance to help you feel like yourself again.

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veterinary compounding pharmacy


From a five pound puppy to a five ton elephant, compounding can service many species with precise dosing and yummy flavors.

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dentist compounding pharmacy franklin nc


Compounding pharmacists work with dentists to provide relief from dental pain, dry sockets, oral ulcers, mucositis and more for each individual need.

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pediatric tipton compounding pharmacy


Having a hard time getting your child to take their medicine? Compounding helps by providing fun flavors and creative dosage forms.

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pain management tipton compounding pharmacy

Pain Management

Everyone has experienced some type of pain. Discover unique options through compounding.

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hospice care tipton compounding pharmacy franklin nc


Compounding can assist hospice care by providing relief to patients and their loved ones.

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sports medicine tipton compounding pharmacy

Sports Medicine

From sprains to strains, compounding can help you stay on top of your game.

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dermatology tipton compounding pharmacy


Compounding uses active ingredients in soothing bases to help your skin look its best.

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mens health tipton compounding pharmacy

Men's Health

Compounding can create customized treatments for health issues that affect men of all ages.

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